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Trailer for Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages’

The full trailer for Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages’ has appeared online via MTV and it looks like the director might be making a comeback after a few terrible films in recent years including ‘Wall… Continue reading

Full trailer for ‘Total Recall’ remake

The full trailer for the ‘Total Recall’ remake appeared during the NBA Celtics vs. Heat game in the US and has now appeared online. It ticks all the boxes for a film directed… Continue reading

Trailer and poster for ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’

The inspiration for a film can come from anywhere. Theme park rides, board games and now add newspaper want ads to the list with the upcoming release of ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’. The film… Continue reading

New trailer for ‘The Dictator’

The second trailer for ‘The Dictator’ has appeared online via the YouTube account for the Republic of Wadiya (the fictional nation in the film). It’s a proper story trailer and based on the… Continue reading

New trailer for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ is the only Snow White themed film you need to see in 2012 by the looks of the new trailer. In the trailer we get to further explore… Continue reading

New trailer and poster for Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’

The trailer for Tim Burton’s next film/last chance debuted via The Ellen Show and it looks like Burton has jammed supernatural and romantic comedy themes into a shotgun and blasted it onto film.… Continue reading

Japanese trailer for ‘The Avengers’ with new footage

A new Japanese trailer for ‘The Avengers’ trailer has appeared online with a lot of new footage that includes a look at the helicarrier in action and a better look at Loki’s mystery… Continue reading

New clip & footage from ‘The Hunger Games’

‘The Hunger Games’ is less than two weeks away from release and marketing has ramped up. The YouTube channel for the film is quite impressive and fans will geek-out over the attention to… Continue reading

‘Neighbourhood Watch’ teaser trailer

The first teaser trailer for ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ as debuted via IMDB. We get a quick look at Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Richard Ayoade in action as a group of dads… Continue reading

New trailer for ‘The Avengers’

No work will be done today because of this new trailer for ‘The Avengers’. It debuted via Apple Trailers Hit the jump to be blown away.

Extended sneak peek of ‘John Carter’

Walt Disney Australia has sent over an extended clip from ‘John Carter’. The biggest draw card of the film is director Andrew Stanton who directed ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘WALL-E’ for Pixar as well… Continue reading

Trailer for doco ‘Comic-Con IV: A Fan’s Hope’

For so long we have dreamed of attending Comic-Con in San Diego. We were meant to go this year but, unfortunately, the Australian Tax man decided to take all the money we had… Continue reading

‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ new trailer + featurette

We can officially state that it’s ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ week. Yesterday we were treated to the first teaser and almost 24 hours later a new international teaser has appeared showcasing more footage… Continue reading

Teaser trailer for ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’

Abraham Lincoln historians will be doing backflips of rage today with the release of the first teaser trailer for ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’. The film is based on the novel of the same… Continue reading

New poster, trailer & 3 new clips for ‘The Raid’

Already hyped as one of the best action films of the year ‘The Raid’ is on a lot of must see lists for film fans, and for a very good reason. Thanks to… Continue reading