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Review – Total Recall

Recycling is great for the environment but with film it can be poison for the mind. Director Len Wiseman wheels the shopping cart full of used sci-fi ideas up to the Hollywood processing… Continue reading

Full trailer for ‘Total Recall’ remake

The full trailer for the ‘Total Recall’ remake appeared during the NBA Celtics vs. Heat game in the US and has now appeared online. It ticks all the boxes for a film directed… Continue reading

‘Total Recall’ remake gets a teaser trailer for the trailer

A teaser trailer for the ‘Total Recall’ trailer has gone online along with details of the trailers debut on American television. Columbia Pictures will show the full trailer for the remake on 1… Continue reading

New image from ‘Total Recall’ remake

Earlier today a television spot for the remake of ‘Total Recall’ leaked online and was promptly stripped off websites after a flurry of angry studio emails and alleged threats of legal action. The… Continue reading