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Word travels slow in News of the World

Tom Hanks puts the ‘man’ in ‘anchorman’.

Review: Bridge of Spies

Graceful when it’s not being a ‘Spielberg film’.

Review – Saving Mr Banks

A therapist’s couch is replaced with Disneyland in Saving Mr Banks. Author P. L. Travers (Emma Thompson) expels a few personal demons with the help of Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) and the production… Continue reading

Review – Captain Phillips

A big cloud hangs over Captain Phillips. The plot is based on a true story about a group of Somali pirates who attacked a cargo ship in 2009 which resulted in a hostage… Continue reading

Casting for Mary Poppins film ‘Saving Mr Banks’

A strange new genre has kicked into gear following the success of films like ‘My Week with Marilyn’ – making of famous Hollywood films (MOFHF for short?). Already in the works is ‘Alfred… Continue reading