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‘The Avengers’ Black Widow interrogation clip

Promo fatigue for ‘The Avengers’ is starting to set in but this morning Disney sent over a new clip from the film called ‘interrogation’ featuring the Black Widow (Scartett Johansson) that woke us… Continue reading

Behind the scenes of ‘The Avengers’

The release of ‘The Avengers’ is getting closer and publicity machine for the film is starting to Hulk-out. New behind the scenes images appeared via Yahoo Movies and computer anti-virus software company Norton… Continue reading

New images from ‘The Avengers’

If you’ve felt like something has been missing from your life over the last couple of days, it’s probably because there hasn’t been any new promo gear for ‘The Avengers’. Worry no more… Continue reading

Japanese trailer for ‘The Avengers’ with new footage

A new Japanese trailer for ‘The Avengers’ trailer has appeared online with a lot of new footage that includes a look at the helicarrier in action and a better look at Loki’s mystery… Continue reading

New character posters from ‘The Avengers’

Another day, more goodies from ‘The Avengers’ (we could get used to this). Today it’s new character posters that appeared over at Collider. The character posters feature Black Widow, Captain America and Iron… Continue reading

Meet Maria Hill – new image from ‘The Avengers’

It’s been a huge week for comic book fans, movie fans and mother Earth with a whole bunch of goodies from ‘The Avengers’ being revealed including a new poster and trailer. While the… Continue reading

New trailer for ‘The Avengers’

No work will be done today because of this new trailer for ‘The Avengers’. It debuted via Apple Trailers Hit the jump to be blown away.

New poster for ‘The Avengers’

If you’ve ever wondered ‘how much awesome can you fit into one movie poster?’ The question is answered with the new poster for ‘The Avengers’. Hit the jump to check it out.

Movie posters for people who hate modern movie posters

We love movie posters that don’t look like movie posters. Modern movie posters lack creativity and are usually just an actor’s head airbrushed into oblivion. The great thing about movie posters that are… Continue reading

‘The Avengers’ extended Superbowl spot

You know what ‘The Avengers’ does a really good job of? Selling itself, check out the new trailer that played during the Superbowl with lots of new footage and a first look at… Continue reading