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Review: Spectre

Makes a stunning case for why Bond still matters.

Review – Skyfall

After James Bond was rebooted in ‘Casino Royale’ and the slight detour via the dreadful ‘Quantum of Solace (QOS)’, Daniel Craig’s era of Bond has spent a lot of time with training wheels… Continue reading

‘Skyfall’ teaser trailer

“Some men are coming to kill us, I’m goning to kill them first” Impressive teaser trailer for the next James Bond outing ‘Skyfall’. ‘Skyfall’ is released: 26 October 2012 UK 9 November 2012… Continue reading

Teaser poster for ‘Skyfall’

We’ll keep this short and sweet, or we should say, shaken and not stirred. 007.com has revealed the first teaser poster for the next James Bond film ‘Skyfall’. It’s a piece of iconic… Continue reading

New images and behind the scenes featurette for ‘Skyfall’

New images and on set interviews from ‘Skyfall’ have appeared online. 007.com dropped the featurette that includes interviews with Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem whio talks about playing the film’s villain. The new… Continue reading

First look at Javier Bardem as the baddie in ‘Skyfall’

Over the weekend director Sam Mendes took the production of the James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ to the streets of Whitehall in London. The internet has been flooded with videos and images from the shoot.… Continue reading

Sam Mendes loves James bond – ‘Skyfall’ videoblog

Videoblogs are fast becoming part of the marketing strategy for films with Peter Jackson’s videoblogs from ‘The Hobbit’ setting the standard for keeping fans salivating over over a project.’ The next James Bond… Continue reading

Great Bond’s beard! – First official image from ‘Skyfall’

The folks at 007.com promised something big tonight and the surprise was the first official photo from the next James Bond outing ‘SkyFall’. Hit the jump to check out the image.