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Review – Sound of my Voice

‘Sound of My Voice’ screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Cults are bad. It’s the premise of every film made about those groups that deal in mental manipulation and Kool-aid. ‘Sound of… Continue reading

Review – Moonrise Kingdom

Before the tsunami of hormones hit pre-teens, there is a period of time where children can revel in their final days of really being a kid. Most people can probably reflect on those… Continue reading

Review – Total Recall

Recycling is great for the environment but with film it can be poison for the mind. Director Len Wiseman wheels the shopping cart full of used sci-fi ideas up to the Hollywood processing… Continue reading

Review – Holy Motors

In most art galleries around the world there is one giant canvas that someone has painted blue. Anyone can slather paint over a canvas, so why has this painting earned wall space and… Continue reading

Review – Mine Games

Mine Games screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Young people in horror/thriller movies are always lambs to the slaughter. Most of the time the experience may be a satisfying roast in the… Continue reading

Review – Cosmopolis

If any film manages to generate an emotional response from an audience it has achieved something. Whether it is joy or hatred, it’s a rare accomplishment when so many movies fall into unemotive… Continue reading

Review – Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

It takes nerve to take a great story and rework it into something new. ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ uses cues from the life of the former US President and builds an unwieldy supernatural… Continue reading

Review – Magic Mike

Strippers have feelings too – that’s the depth director Steven Soderbergh tries to give his oiled up cast in ‘Magic Mike’. The crotch fireworks from the dance sequences are huge but once they… Continue reading

Review – The Amazing Spider-Man

As each generation’s attention span shortens so does their memory and that’s the formula used to reboot your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man into your moody misdirected web-slinger in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’.

Review – Snow White and the Huntsman

Children have curious minds. Most people have reached a point when telling a kid a bedtime story where they start to ask an endless number of questions. There is not definite answer as… Continue reading

Review – Cabin in the Woods

‘Kick yourself cinema’ is something that happens when you see a simple idea executed to near perfection. The concept is so clever and effective that you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t come… Continue reading

Review – Prometheus

Director Sir Ridley Scott will be 75 years old in November and he’s looking for answers. There is no doubt that Scott has earned his success and even a knighthood with iconic films… Continue reading

Review – Men in Black 3

When the first ‘Men in Black’ film was released in 1997 the tagline was “protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe”, a cool little idea that combined sci-fi with comedy and… Continue reading

Review – The Dictator

WARNING: VERY MINOR SPOILERS It’s easy to offend people, but it can be more difficult to get people to laugh. The best place to test this theory is in the realm of amateur… Continue reading

Review – Iron Sky

The great Italian playwright and satirist Dario Fo, won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature in 1997. Fo was given the honour for being a person “who emulates the jesters of the Middle… Continue reading