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Review – The Great Gatsby

If you want, you can eat an entire chocolate cake, there is nothing stopping you besides a lack of willpower. Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ has the drive, and it’s the equivalent to… Continue reading

Review – The Act of Killing

History is written by the victors and in the documentary ‘The Act of Killing’, the violent memories of real-life Indonesian death squad leaders are re-created in a surreal filmmaking landscape. The importance of… Continue reading

Review – The Hangover Part 3

When it comes to the ‘The Hangover’ sequels, we’re being punished for having a good time with the first film. If ‘Part 2’ was a clone of its predecessor, Part 3 is the… Continue reading

Review – The Call

From a 911 emergency call centre in America, operator Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) fields the pleas for help with ease while the distressed callers hauntingly echo throughout the facility. Stabbings, shootings, suicide attempts,… Continue reading

Review – A Place for Me*

The emotional shrapnel of a divorce scars a family of writers in ‘A Place for Me’. An acclaimed author (Greg Kinnear) and his teenage children (Lily Collins and Nat Wolff) are silently suffering… Continue reading

Review – Star Trek Into Darkness

The Star Trek franchise has always been known for its thoughtfulness while being grounded in the human experience of scientific endeavors and exploration; the core of all great science fiction. Director JJ Abrams… Continue reading

Review – Drift

When it comes to Australian surf safaris on film it’s a bit of a desert. Sure, on the documentary side there are lots of great surfing flicks, but for a country surrounded in… Continue reading

Review – Spring Breakers

The ideals of freedom, paradise and the American dream pulse in a neon coloured, bubble-gum scented descent into darkness in ‘Spring Breakers’, one of the most potent pieces of satire and filmmaking to… Continue reading

Review – The Place Beyond the Pines

Robbing banks, crooked cops and politics don’t really factor into the any parental mantra, but co-writer/director Derek Cianfrance squeezes it into his guide to fatherhood in ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ that, unfortunately,… Continue reading

Review – Iron Man 3

Clothes make the man, but does the armour make the Iron Man? Rather than lift Tony Stark/Iron Man’s stakes on the mythic superhuman scale, writer/director Shane Black strips back the character in ‘Iron… Continue reading

Review – Oblivion

High above the scorched landscape of planet Earth that has been destroyed by alien invaders called ‘Scavs’ there sits a flash living space featuring a large glass-bottom pool where the film’s characters frolic.… Continue reading

Review – Saving General Yang

After a seven year absence the director of ‘Freddy versus Jason’, ‘Bride of Chucky’ and ‘Warriors of Virtue’ (yes, the Kung-Fu kangaroo film), Ronnie Yu is back … and as mediocre as ever… Continue reading

Review – Trance

Amnesia, long lost lovers, slimy villains; sounds like a soap opera but it’s all packed into ‘Trance’, the new film from filmmaker Danny Boyle. While Boyle’s frenetic direction excels, the film is always… Continue reading

Review – Warm Bodies

‘Warm Bodies’ constructs the Frankenstein like zom-rom-com that isn’t as grotesque as the idea sounds. It’s humorous, sweet and has unexpected depth that superbly elevates it well above the genre bending gimmick it… Continue reading

Review – Sound City

For those about to rock, we salute you. ‘Sound City’ is a fond acknowledgement of a special time when a studio produced several albums that signaled key moments in music history. It’s indulgent… Continue reading