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Teaser poster for ‘Skyfall’

We’ll keep this short and sweet, or we should say, shaken and not stirred. 007.com has revealed the first teaser poster for the next James Bond film ‘Skyfall’. It’s a piece of iconic… Continue reading

Teaser poster for ‘Anchorman 2’

With the release of ‘The Dictator’ this week, Paramount Pictures are using the film to spruik their next big comedy ‘Anchorman 2’ (and trick people into seeing ‘The Dictator’). A teaser trailer will… Continue reading

Trailer + poster for Ben Affleck’s ‘Argo’

The first trailer and poster for Ben Affleck’s ‘Argo’ has appeared online. Based on true events, ‘Argo’ chronicles the life-or-death covert operation to rescue six Americans, which unfolded behind the scenes of the… Continue reading

Trailer for ‘The Beasts of the Southern Wild’

Film festival favourite ‘The Beasts of the Southern Wild’ finally has a trailer and it’s easy to see why the film was a big hit at the Sundance Film Festival 2012 as well… Continue reading

New posters for ‘The Amazing Spiderman’

With ‘The Avengers’ opening on Friday in the US and a new ‘Dark Knight Rises’ trailer melting faces, ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ is doing its best to say “HEY, OVER HERE, LOOK AT ME!”.… Continue reading

Lost Mind ‘Cabin in the Woods’ poster

The bad news in Australia this week is that distributor Roadshow Films made the official announcement to send ‘Cabin in the Woods’ straight to DVD. While Australia waits for the DVD release the… Continue reading

New posters for ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ & Disney’s ‘Wreck it Ralph’

A few cool movie posters released today for Disney’s ‘Wreck it Ralph’ and Sony’s ‘The Amazing Spiderman’. By now you probably know a lot about ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ so we won’t blab more… Continue reading

New poster for ‘The Avengers’

If you’ve ever wondered ‘how much awesome can you fit into one movie poster?’ The question is answered with the new poster for ‘The Avengers’. Hit the jump to check it out.

Teaser poster for ‘Neighbourhood Watch’

A few comedic planets are aligning for ‘Neighbourhood Watch’. 1. It stars Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and the great Richard Ayoade as a group of dads who form a neighbourhood watch… Continue reading