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Review – The Spectacular Now

Imagine Ferris Bueller as an alcoholic and you’ve got Sutter (Miles Teller) from ‘The Spectacular Now’. While John Hughes’ personification of high school cool lived in a realm of teenage fantasy, Sutter occupies… Continue reading

Review – The World’s End

Filmmaker Edgar Wright has excelled exploring and deconstructing different genres; zombies in ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and action cinema with ‘Hot Fuzz’. ‘The World’s End’ proudly wears science fiction influences on its sleeve,… Continue reading

Review – Fruitvale Station

The real phone camera footage of the death of 22 year-old Oscar Grant during New Year’s Eve celebrations opens ‘Fruitvale Station’ and it’s tragic to watch a young life snuffed out carelessly by… Continue reading

Review – The Wolverine

Comic book films should capture the essence of the pages the colourful characters inhabit but should also reflect the process. Teams of superheroes have worked together in comics and spent time alone in… Continue reading

Review – This Is The End

Picture a writer’s room and someone blurts out “what would happen if the Hollywood’s comedic talent got stuck in the middle of the apocalypse?” The concept is ripe for a skit on ‘Saturday… Continue reading

Review – Behind the Candelabra

‘Behind the Candelabra’ takes a sliver of the life of Valentino Liberace and expertly examines the notions of identity and privacy during a time when old conservative American values were dominant but waning.

Review – Rewind This!

A VHS tape collector reflects on seeing the image glitch while watching a movie in the documentary ‘Rewind This’. The imperfection preempted nudity (or gore, but the odds favour nudity). The anomaly meant… Continue reading

Review – Much Ado About Nothing

High school English teachers can breathe a sigh of relief. If students want to take a cinematic shortcut studying William Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, filmmaker Joss Whedon has made a superb adaptation… Continue reading

Review – The Lone Ranger

‘The Lone Ranger’ is akin to spending $200 million on a cowboy themed birthday party but forgetting all the fun. The film is a complete tonal disaster and it’s one of the goofiest… Continue reading

Review – For Those In Peril

A visceral tale of grief is presented in ‘For Those in Peril’, the debut film from writer/director, Paul Wright, which composites seafaring folklore against the raw emotions of losing a loved one.

2013 in film so far…

Six months of a dent has been in put in 2013, and it’s a good time to pause and look at how the year is tracking so far when it comes to film.… Continue reading

Review – Man of Steel

The comic book fun of Superman is shredded and the caped superhero gets in touch with his solemn science fiction side in ‘Man of Steel’. Sadly, director Zack Snyder seems to have also… Continue reading

Review – Only God Forgives

Justice and cowardice sit side-by-side in the brutally hypnotic ‘Only God Forgives’, the new feature from writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn and his muse Ryan Gosling.

Review – Cutie and the Boxer

The documentary, ‘Cutie and the Boxer’, opens with a big white blank canvas. An elderly man steps into the frame wearing only pants, eye goggles and boxing gloves covered in black paint. He… Continue reading

Review – Monsters University

Life does not follow a plan, no matter how much preparation is involved. The digital animation studio Pixar hones in on the transformative nature of existence in the studio’s first attempt at a… Continue reading