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Review – Get the Gringo

In life we all make mistakes. They can be graded as a minor hiccup, a moderate failure or the biggest one of all – the Mel Gibson. While some might choose not to… Continue reading

Review – Prometheus

Director Sir Ridley Scott will be 75 years old in November and he’s looking for answers. There is no doubt that Scott has earned his success and even a knighthood with iconic films… Continue reading

Review – Men in Black 3

When the first ‘Men in Black’ film was released in 1997 the tagline was “protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe”, a cool little idea that combined sci-fi with comedy and… Continue reading

Review – The Dictator

WARNING: VERY MINOR SPOILERS It’s easy to offend people, but it can be more difficult to get people to laugh. The best place to test this theory is in the realm of amateur… Continue reading

Review – Iron Sky

The great Italian playwright and satirist Dario Fo, won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature in 1997. Fo was given the honour for being a person “who emulates the jesters of the Middle… Continue reading

Review – Dark Shadows

Soft drink companies are always trying to replicate the taste of their unhealthy tooth destroying drinks into a diet version. When first tasting the low sugar full flavour option in an attempt to… Continue reading

Review – The Five-Year Engagement

“The journey is more important than the destination” is a valid point and the saying is often used to ease the pain of a long flight stop-over in a strange country when travelling.… Continue reading

Review – Wish You Were Here

WARNING: POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS IF YOU’RE SENSITIVE Australians love to flock to Asia like the British to Bondi Beach on Christmas day. It’s an unofficial rite of passage for Australians to explore the… Continue reading

‘Dark Knight Rises’ viral site goes live

Are you ready to be blown away by a pure piece of viral marketing brilliance? ComicBookMovie.com spilt the news that the viral site for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ has gone live. It involves… Continue reading

Review – The Avengers

Be prepared for a LOT of gushing over Marvel Studio’s ‘The Avengers’. I’m going to give it to you straight; the film is phenomenally awesome. No review for the film really matters anyway… Continue reading

Review – ‘Battleship’

The human imagination is a very powerful thing and when used effectively it can conjure up a school for wizards, dream machines and get rich quick pyramid schemes. So what happens when someone… Continue reading

Review – American Reunion

School reunions are all about catching up with friends, reminiscing on good times and reflecting on your education. If you have that gooey sentiment towards school reunions you are kidding yourself. School reunions… Continue reading

Review – A Dangerous Method

For years films have been telling us the most dangerous places are outer space, the ocean or any bar in New York City where single women in their 30s frequent. In reality, one… Continue reading

Review – Dr Seuss’ The Lorax

Saving the environment has become a full time job for the human population. Each day it feels like every action results in harming the planet in some way and what do we get… Continue reading

Review – Mirror Mirror

Expect apple sales to decline in 2012 because it’s the year of the poison apple with the release of two Snow White themed films. The gritty take on the fairytale, ‘Snow White and… Continue reading