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‘Happy Birthday David’ – new viral clip for ‘Prometheus’

The viral campaign for Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ has been outstanding so far and today it went to new levels of awesome with a new clip titled ‘Happy Birthday David’. The clip features an… Continue reading

New featurette for ‘The Avengers’ called ‘tension’

Another day, another featurette for ‘The Avengers’ from Disney and Marvel Studios. In the clip called ‘Tension’ we hear from director Joss Whedon and stars Robert Downey Jr. & Mark Ruffalo as they… Continue reading

New clip and featurette from ‘The Avengers’

Dammit Disney and Marvel Studios! If you follow us on Twitter you’ll know we complain a lot about promo fatigue with ‘The Avengers’ – we just want to see it now. Right when… Continue reading

‘The Avengers’ Black Widow interrogation clip

Promo fatigue for ‘The Avengers’ is starting to set in but this morning Disney sent over a new clip from the film called ‘interrogation’ featuring the Black Widow (Scartett Johansson) that woke us… Continue reading

‘Total Recall’ remake gets a teaser trailer for the trailer

A teaser trailer for the ‘Total Recall’ trailer has gone online along with details of the trailers debut on American television. Columbia Pictures will show the full trailer for the remake on 1… Continue reading

Behind the scenes of ‘The Avengers’

The release of ‘The Avengers’ is getting closer and publicity machine for the film is starting to Hulk-out. New behind the scenes images appeared via Yahoo Movies and computer anti-virus software company Norton… Continue reading

The Amazing Spiderman viral campaign – find the webbed menace

There is nothing better than a good viral marketing campaign for a film. The gold standard at the moment is viral for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Prometheus’ but worthy of a silver medal… Continue reading

New trailer & viral clip for ‘Prometheus’

Yesterday we got a look at a new trailer for ‘Prometheus’ to promote its IMAX 3D release and today another new trailer has appeared online with lots of new footage. ‘Prometheus’ weekend continues… Continue reading

New trailer and poster for Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’

The trailer for Tim Burton’s next film/last chance debuted via The Ellen Show and it looks like Burton has jammed supernatural and romantic comedy themes into a shotgun and blasted it onto film.… Continue reading

Japanese trailer for ‘The Avengers’ with new footage

A new Japanese trailer for ‘The Avengers’ trailer has appeared online with a lot of new footage that includes a look at the helicarrier in action and a better look at Loki’s mystery… Continue reading

3 new featurettes for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

When we first heard about ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ we were praying someone would give us a poison apple but it’s slowly winning us over. A new trailer is set to drop… Continue reading

New footage from ‘Prometheus’

2012 is a huge year for blockbuster films but it also seems to be the year of brave new different methods of marketing a film. The film that’s making the biggest impact in… Continue reading

New clip & footage from ‘The Hunger Games’

‘The Hunger Games’ is less than two weeks away from release and marketing has ramped up. The YouTube channel for the film is quite impressive and fans will geek-out over the attention to… Continue reading

First clip from ‘The Hunger Games’

Momentum is building for the release of ‘The Hunger Games’, the book adaption that is being hailed as the replacement for the soon to be complete ‘Twilight Saga’ and the retired ‘Harry Potter’… Continue reading

Extended sneak peek of ‘John Carter’

Walt Disney Australia has sent over an extended clip from ‘John Carter’. The biggest draw card of the film is director Andrew Stanton who directed ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘WALL-E’ for Pixar as well… Continue reading