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Ghostbusters lights em’ up

A blast with barbs for gender politics snuck in-between big laughs.

Stop judging films based on their trailers

Here’s an idea: wait until you’ve seen the film.

Are Fanboys the New Go-To Blockbuster Bad Guys?

A new trend in mu-ha-ha.

Hollywood’s Nostalgia Addiction

Prepare for the nostalgia wave.

Harold Ramis – this is just a tribute

A piece on the late Harold Ramis that I wrote for Graffiti with Punctuation. Harold Ramis died early on Monday morning after battling illness for a long time. He was 69 years-old. Of… Continue reading

The Week In Fist Pumps

Ahoy hoy and congratulations! You made it through another week of floating through space and here are the things that have been making the little blue ball we live on a better place… Continue reading