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Review – Kath and Kimderella

Whenever a television series makes the jump to the big screen it’s worth pondering; why didn’t they make another series? A big budget film version of a television show should give the creators… Continue reading

Review – Berberian Sound Studio

Certain films stay with you long after leaving the cinema while others are instantly disposable. ‘Berberian Sound Studio’ puts a dent in the mind that is sure to keep people pondering until the… Continue reading

Review – The Expendables 2

Welcome to ‘The Expendables 2’ aka the Sylvester Stallone Home for Action Heroes. All residents are welcome to steady work despite their career standings and you can help yourself to all the one-liners… Continue reading

Review – Room 237

‘Room 237’ screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ is over 30 years-old and the famous “Here’s Johnny” line may get all the attention, but the film’s enduring legacy… Continue reading

Review – Sound of my Voice

‘Sound of My Voice’ screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Cults are bad. It’s the premise of every film made about those groups that deal in mental manipulation and Kool-aid. ‘Sound of… Continue reading

Review – Moonrise Kingdom

Before the tsunami of hormones hit pre-teens, there is a period of time where children can revel in their final days of really being a kid. Most people can probably reflect on those… Continue reading

Review – Total Recall

Recycling is great for the environment but with film it can be poison for the mind. Director Len Wiseman wheels the shopping cart full of used sci-fi ideas up to the Hollywood processing… Continue reading

Review – Holy Motors

In most art galleries around the world there is one giant canvas that someone has painted blue. Anyone can slather paint over a canvas, so why has this painting earned wall space and… Continue reading

Review – Mine Games

Mine Games screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Young people in horror/thriller movies are always lambs to the slaughter. Most of the time the experience may be a satisfying roast in the… Continue reading

Review – The Angels’ Share

‘The Angels’ Share’ screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Forgiveness is a powerful human trait. There are very few people who actually deserve it, but it can be a blessing for a… Continue reading

Review – The Campaign

The obvious is stated clearly within the opening minutes of ‘The Campaign’ – politicians are shady, corporate types run the show and the democratic system of voting is the most ludicrous popularity contest… Continue reading

Review – Cosmopolis

If any film manages to generate an emotional response from an audience it has achieved something. Whether it is joy or hatred, it’s a rare accomplishment when so many movies fall into unemotive… Continue reading

Review – Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

It takes nerve to take a great story and rework it into something new. ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ uses cues from the life of the former US President and builds an unwieldy supernatural… Continue reading

Review – Magic Mike

Strippers have feelings too – that’s the depth director Steven Soderbergh tries to give his oiled up cast in ‘Magic Mike’. The crotch fireworks from the dance sequences are huge but once they… Continue reading

Review – Dark Knight Rises

Writer/director/producer Christopher Nolan works like a card player when approaching his films. With his series of Batman movies he threw away the rule card, played his joker and now it’s time to reveal… Continue reading