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Review – Smashed

‘Smashed’ screened at the Canberra International Film Festival Most takes on alcoholism in film are either rich people looking for answers in a bottle or desperate white trash trying to suck whiskey out… Continue reading

Review – The Master

‘The Master’ is an insightful and explosive examination of humanity in the aftermath of World War II with commentary on American culture.

Review – Skyfall

After James Bond was rebooted in ‘Casino Royale’ and the slight detour via the dreadful ‘Quantum of Solace (QOS)’, Daniel Craig’s era of Bond has spent a lot of time with training wheels… Continue reading

Review – Dredd

It’s frustrating watching someone play a videogame and all you want to do is take the controller and rectify their mistakes. A similar experience waits with Dredd with its arcade mechanics imploring you… Continue reading

Review – Argo

A country’s people expect that their government will protect them. It’s the basic responsibility of any administration, yet so often a position of power is squandered for political gain or strapped down by… Continue reading

Review – The Intouchables

No matter how hard we try to be politically correct people are always going to be labelled. Despite our differences most people just want to be treated equally. ‘The Intouchables’ focuses on Phillipe… Continue reading

Review – Searching For Sugar Man

Music is a mysterious medium. We marvel at people who make it with ease because sometimes a three minute song can change your life. The documentary ‘Searching For Sugar Man’ follows the trail… Continue reading

Review – The Hunt

Common sense is something we assume everyone keeps in mind when making decisions. Heck, that’s why it’s “common” because we assume everyone is on the same page when it comes to basic decision… Continue reading

Review – Undefeated

It’s easy to get cynical in a world that’s full of selfish behaviour. People are worshipped in society for achieving nothing in their lives besides a crusade to satisfy their ego with unwarranted… Continue reading

Review – Killing Them Soflty

‘Killing Them Softy’ is a case study of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) through the prism of a group of criminals. In the latest film from writer/director, Andrew Dominik, Wall Street and the… Continue reading

Review – Lore

The breakdown of a family serves as a microcosm for a country in despair in the closing days of World War II in the mesmerising ‘Lore’.

Review – The Imposter

The Imposter screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. There are stories you hear about a friend’s cousin’s sister’s best friend that tread the line between the truth and urban legend. ‘The Imposter’… Continue reading

Review – Looper

Every successful musical act eventually puts together a “best of” collection. ‘Looper’ is the time travel film equivalent of a “best of” album. Writer/director Rian Johnson excellently takes the best elements of time… Continue reading

Review – Ruby Sparks

Once intellectual property rights expire or are forfeited on an author’s work they enter the public domain. Works in the public domain are free of private ownership and great writers including Jane Austen,… Continue reading

Review – Make Hummus Not War

As the saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but filmmaker Trevor Graham may have discovered that the path to world peace may also be via the stomach… Continue reading