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Review – The Wolfpack

The minutia of what builds a personality in an extreme situation.

Review – The Square

So often the story of a revolution is confined to history books or fragmented across news coverage. The Square is an opportunity to see an upheaval in real-time. Director Jehane Noujaim pieces together… Continue reading

Review – Queen of Versailles

The life of a billionaire family is a microcosm for a society constantly living on credit and the banking system that enables it in ‘The Queen of Versailles’.

Review – Searching For Sugar Man

Music is a mysterious medium. We marvel at people who make it with ease because sometimes a three minute song can change your life. The documentary ‘Searching For Sugar Man’ follows the trail… Continue reading

Review – Undefeated

It’s easy to get cynical in a world that’s full of selfish behaviour. People are worshipped in society for achieving nothing in their lives besides a crusade to satisfy their ego with unwarranted… Continue reading

Review – The Imposter

The Imposter screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. There are stories you hear about a friend’s cousin’s sister’s best friend that tread the line between the truth and urban legend. ‘The Imposter’… Continue reading

Review – Make Hummus Not War

As the saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but filmmaker Trevor Graham may have discovered that the path to world peace may also be via the stomach… Continue reading

Dave Grohl to make directorial debut

Foo Fighters front man, former Nirvana drummer and all round music guru, Dave Grohl, will make his directorial debut with the documentary ‘Sound City’. Hit the jump for more details.

Trailer for doco ‘Comic-Con IV: A Fan’s Hope’

For so long we have dreamed of attending Comic-Con in San Diego. We were meant to go this year but, unfortunately, the Australian Tax man decided to take all the money we had… Continue reading