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Review – Infini

A tense little sci-fi mystery with plenty to muse on

Review – The Turning

A three hour long ‘pick-and-mix’ of Australian filmmaking talent working with the prose of writer, Tim Winton, seems daunting, heck, the idea of an interval mid screening is enough to freak out any… Continue reading

Review – Lore

The breakdown of a family serves as a microcosm for a country in despair in the closing days of World War II in the mesmerising ‘Lore’.

Review – Make Hummus Not War

As the saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but filmmaker Trevor Graham may have discovered that the path to world peace may also be via the stomach… Continue reading

Review – Kath and Kimderella

Whenever a television series makes the jump to the big screen it’s worth pondering; why didn’t they make another series? A big budget film version of a television show should give the creators… Continue reading

‘The Sapphires’ trailer

The Australian film ‘The Sapphires’ has premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2012. The film played out-of-competition and following the screening it’s reported to have received a 10 minute standing ovation. The film… Continue reading

First clip and poster for ‘The Sapphires’

We’re waiting on the first trailer for the Australian film ‘The Sapphires’ but for now we have a poster and a clip. Set in 1968, and based on true events, the film tells… Continue reading

Review – Wish You Were Here

WARNING: POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS IF YOU’RE SENSITIVE Australians love to flock to Asia like the British to Bondi Beach on Christmas day. It’s an unofficial rite of passage for Australians to explore the… Continue reading

Interview – ‘Wish You Were Here’ director Kieran Darcy-Smith

Thanks to Hopscotch Films we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to send film writer and critic, Chris Elena to catch up with Kieran Darcy-Smith; the writer and director of the new… Continue reading

Review – ‘Any Questions for Ben?’

Working Dog Productions is the closest thing Australia has comedy royalty. From their roots in sketch comedy on ‘The Late Show’, to the satire of ‘Frontline’ and the brilliant film ‘The Castle’. They’ve… Continue reading

Review – A Few Best Men

2011 was a fantastic year for Australian films that included ‘Red Dog’, ‘Burning Man’, ‘the Hunter’ and despite the fact it divided audiences, ‘Snowtown’ still made a significant impact. Four steps forward and… Continue reading