Review – I Am Number Four

Remember when vampires used to be cool before the ‘Twilight Saga’ turned them all emotional and sparkly? Yep, the rule book was thrown out the window and into a chipper. Get ready for… Continue reading

Review – Rabbit Hole

I don’t have children, at some point in the future I would like to have children but at the moment there are no little people in my life (I don’t have any midget… Continue reading

Review – Unknown

Is it just me or does Europe get a bad reputation in movies?? Every time I sit down to see a film and it begins with the main characters getting off a plane… Continue reading

Review – Gnomeo & Juliet

The world of computer animated films has become a brutal landscape, sure the bar was set very high with the first ‘Toy Story’ but that bar has been nudged up every year and… Continue reading

Review – Hereafter

The subject of death and grief in hands of a great director like Clint Eastwood, where can you go wrong? Everywhere unfortunately, ‘Hereafter’ is a real mess of a film that has a… Continue reading

Review – 127 Hours

Sitting down to write this review of ‘127 Hours’ is quite difficult because this film has managed to accurately capture the fighting spirit of one human being in a raw and honest way.… Continue reading

Review – No Strings Attached

Usually in the first five minutes of any romantic comedy you can figure out how it ends, but for some reason a little voice inside asks, ‘maybe this time it’s going to be… Continue reading

Review – Sanctum

There are 3 things in life that I just don’t understand; Emo kids, people who take photos of fireworks and cave divers. Some people call cave diving an extreme sport but it can’t… Continue reading

Review – The Next Three Days

Hollywood is always asking us, ‘how far would you go to save a loved one?’ Most of us would give a left kidney, run a marathon or pay their cousin Sammys bail for… Continue reading

Review – How Do You Know

There are two words that strike fear into the hearts of men the world over; romantic comedy. Don’t be fooled by thinking ‘How Do You Know’ is your standard romantic comedy, it plays… Continue reading

Review – Another Year

Getting old is a reality we all have to face and it scares the hell out everyone with 99% of those people being members of the female population. Some say once you hit… Continue reading

Review – True Grit

Westerns are a hard nut to crack, like the dreaded ‘pirate film’ they’re treated as a genre that belongs in a museum rather than on the big screen. Luckily Joel and Ethan Coen… Continue reading

Review – The Fighter

Every year Hollywood spends millions of dollars producing over the top blockbusters using state of the art special effects to blow our minds. Actors spend months developing characters and delivering performances that take… Continue reading

Review – The Green Hornet

When it comes to Superhero movies it seems every single avenue has been explored, you’ve got the mainstream heroes Spiderman, Batman and Superman. Graphic novels like Kick Ass and Watchmen have deconstructed our… Continue reading

Review – Burlesque

Lights, camera, cleavage! I really should have invested in push-up bras prior to the making of ‘Burlesque’ because the boobs are the only things being held up properly in this film…as well as… Continue reading