Review – Limitless

One of the first lessons we learn as kids is to not take candy from strangers which not only saves us from getting kidnapped but also prepares us for the dangers of drugs… Continue reading

Review – Battle: Los Angeles

If aliens ever decide to invade planet Earth for real the human race is well prepared. Our weapons would be useless but over the years we’ve been taught important lessons from countless alien… Continue reading

Review – Rango

The belief that computer animated films are only made for kids has been thrown out the window. The theory has been dead and buried for a long time with the most significant step… Continue reading

Review – The Company Men

People love to waste money; it makes me want to vomit when I hear that someone spent $20,000 on a watch or $500,000 on a wedding. Greed is one of the worst human… Continue reading

Review – The Adjustment Bureau

Science fiction writer Philip K. Dick passed away over 29 years ago to the day and since his death Hollywood has turned his work into a mixed bag a films. Now everyone has… Continue reading

Review – Hall Pass

‘It’s a movie about middle aged men acting like morons’, a simple concept that has become the hottest idea to pitch to movie executives. Men have been acting like morons since the beginning… Continue reading

Review – Wasted On The Young

If I could travel back in time and meet the teenage me I would punch him in the face. I wouldn’t give him any future lotto results or the idea for a social… Continue reading

Review – The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest

Fans of any book series are lucky to see their favourite novels turn into films once in a lifetime, imagine it was announced tomorrow that the whole Harry Potter series was going to… Continue reading

Review – The Way Back

One of those television shows you always hear people talking about is ‘Man Verses Wild’ where survival expert Edward ‘Bear’ Grills puts himself in extreme situations to show you how to survive in… Continue reading

Review – Conviction

If you had a sibling go to jail for a crime they claim they didn’t commit, how far would you go to help them out? That’s the question posed by ‘Conviction’ that tells… Continue reading

Review – I Am Number Four

Remember when vampires used to be cool before the ‘Twilight Saga’ turned them all emotional and sparkly? Yep, the rule book was thrown out the window and into a chipper. Get ready for… Continue reading

Review – Rabbit Hole

I don’t have children, at some point in the future I would like to have children but at the moment there are no little people in my life (I don’t have any midget… Continue reading

Review – Unknown

Is it just me or does Europe get a bad reputation in movies?? Every time I sit down to see a film and it begins with the main characters getting off a plane… Continue reading

Review – Gnomeo & Juliet

The world of computer animated films has become a brutal landscape, sure the bar was set very high with the first ‘Toy Story’ but that bar has been nudged up every year and… Continue reading

Review – Hereafter

The subject of death and grief in hands of a great director like Clint Eastwood, where can you go wrong? Everywhere unfortunately, ‘Hereafter’ is a real mess of a film that has a… Continue reading