Review – Fast 5

Action films don’t get a lot of credit, I get tired of hearing people say, ‘check your brain at the door’ when I go to see a film where a car may crash… Continue reading

Review – Paul

Remember those crazy neighbourhood games you’d play as a kid? Good times. It seems Simon Pegg and Nick Frost missed out on playing those games as kids and decided to make a living… Continue reading

Review – Scream 4

No genre knows how to stretch a franchise like horror does. We’ve all had to endure a film series that starts strong but descends into utter chaos all in the name of making… Continue reading

Review – Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules

Kids in 2011 grow up way too fast. My jaw has spent too much time on the floor listening to kids who haven’t hit double digits give a detailed explanation of the human… Continue reading

Review – Sucker Punch

Every director has a personal ‘pet project’ they want to make but the only way they can ever make that film is to give a film studio a MAJOR hit. A film like… Continue reading

Review – Rio

The team behind the ‘Ice Age’ series have a few feathers in their cap after managing to give the juggernauts at Pixar a run for their money. The team are gunning for another… Continue reading

Review – Hop

Christmas movies come out every year with clockwork timing and precision to capitalise on the one time of year when we let our guard down and spend money on gifts and crappy Christmas… Continue reading

Review – Never Let Me Go

In 1997 a group of scientists got the world’s attention when they managed to grow a human ear on a mouse. ‘Ear-mouse’ presented one of those rare moments in science where the future… Continue reading

Review – Just Go With It

Jennifer Aniston specialises in making mediocre romantic comedies while Adam Sandler is the go to guy for pedestrian goofball humour. Essentially they are two negative forces so teaming them up should create a… Continue reading

Review – The Lincoln Lawyer

During the 90’s the courtroom drama was all the rage such as ‘A Few Good Men’, ‘A Time To Kill’ and ‘The Firm’. Over the years the craze died off with most courtroom… Continue reading

Review – Barney’s Version

I once heard a film critic say that a good film had them stuck to the back of their seat, while a bad film had them jumping around in their seat like a… Continue reading

Review – Red Riding Hood

Dust off the old storybook and read up on all your favourites because over the next few years a barrage of films will hit the big screen with several directors ‘reimaging’ the classics.… Continue reading

Review – The Mechanic

Jason Statham movies are a guilty pleasure and I wonder how many people would talk to the streets in protest if the guy retired from action hero duties. Put down the placards for… Continue reading

Review – A Heartbeat Away

Watching Australian films is like playing Russian roulette but the gun is loaded with bullets and only one chamber is empty. I held my breath for ‘A Heartbeat Away’ in hopes that I… Continue reading

Review – Griff The Invisible

Superhero films have evolved in leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. We’ve got the flashy blockbusters with the likes of Iron Man and Spiderman kicking some box office butt. Christopher Nolan… Continue reading