Review – Horrible Bosses

Comedies succeed when they tap into a basic premise that most people can relate to. ‘The Hangover’ got it right because most people at some point in their lives have woken up with… Continue reading

Review – The Help

It’s hard to imagine a time when people were forced to use separate bathrooms and water fountains because of the colour of their skin. If an alien race passed through our galaxy and… Continue reading

Review – The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

While people marvelled at the brilliance of Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Inception’, advertising executives were probably sitting back thinking, “How can we get one of those dream machines?” When you break it down, advertising… Continue reading

Review – Jane Eyre

Since Charlotte Bronte put pen to paper in the 1800s, the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ has been dissected by critics and hailed a classic. Meanwhile, high school students have endeavored to find the best… Continue reading

Trailer of the week

Only one contender stood out all week. ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ was won the title of trailer of the week. This trailer is odd, but it produces the goods and it… Continue reading

Review – Senna

Formula-1 drivers push the boundaries of human skill and mechanical excellence. Absolute perfection is required just to finish a race, to win takes a higher level of skill that only a few achieve.… Continue reading

Review – The Green Lantern

Comic book movies have hit their stride in the past 10 years with Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise and the Marvel studios films – including ‘Iron Man’, ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’ – as well… Continue reading

Review – Red Dog

Australians are the best storytellers on the planet. Australian men love to sit around at a bar and exchange tall tales of sporting triumphs and romantic conquests. Australian women meet at coffee shops… Continue reading

Trailer of the week

A big week of average new trailers. Honourable mentiontions must go to the documentary ‘Pearl Jam 20’, ‘Like Crazy’, ‘The Sitter’ and a suprisingly good look at ‘Paranormal Activity 3’. Trumping them all… Continue reading

Review – Rise of the Planet of the Apes

A friend of mine once participated in a medical drug trial while she was living in England. According to her, the risk was high but the money was good. The results of the… Continue reading

Review – The Beaver

Depression is a very hard issue to tackle. None of the symptoms show on the surface, it’s an internal battle that is easy to hide. The more you hide it, the deeper you… Continue reading

Trailer of the week

A delayed trailer of the week, due to a rushed trip to Sydney to see ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ (review coming soon) we forgot to post. Last week there were… Continue reading

Review – Hanna

Teenagers are ruthless creatures. They are cold and calculating, using whatever means necessary to get what they want. Hormones fuel every desire; teens can go days without food or water in order to… Continue reading

Trailer – The Hunter

Finally, an Australian film that’s not about rape, murder, incest or manic depression. At least none of that shows up in the new trailer for ‘The Hunter’. Based on the acclaimed novel by… Continue reading

Review – Captain America: The First Avenger

Forward planning is a beautiful thing; it reminds me of a quote an old boss of mine used to pull out when called into his office for the tenth time, “If you fail… Continue reading