Four scores and one axe ago! New photo from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and more

Entertainment Weekly is the publication that just keeps on giving this week with their issue that previews the biggest films of 2012 as well as a bunch of new images. We’ve already seen… Continue reading

Review – Hugo 3D

                                Films with children in the lead roles are often pitched at little kids.  Parents lumber into the… Continue reading

Review – The Descendants

Before entering cinemas to see ‘The Descendants’ there should be a wooden sign set up that says “Beware the awards hype for there be a film awaiting ye that is sure to disappoint”. … Continue reading

Spelunking anyone? New look at Batsuit from ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Entertainment weekly has a brand new photo of Christain Bale suited up as Batman on the cover of their latest issue.                        … Continue reading

Review – The Muppets

Watching ‘The Muppets’ I smiled so hard I think I broke my mouth. That pretty much sums up the experience of a film that is a pure joy to experience and will capture… Continue reading

2 new clips from ‘Hugo’

                  Martin Scorsese directing a kid’s film, has the world gone crazy? What’s next, Michael Bay doing Shakespeare? To be honest, it’s very cool to… Continue reading

Show me the money!

Love it or hate it US box office results send ripples through the industry. Despite the quality of the film, it’s the main way that studios gauge the success of a film. Return… Continue reading

Say cheese! New images from ‘The Hobbit’, The Avengers’ and ‘Prometheus’

Over the past few days the Hollywood studios have released enough photos of upcoming projects to fill an emo-hipsters Tumblr account for weeks. Most images from films do nothing but state the obvious… Continue reading

Review – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ is our first film review of 2012 and if it’s an indicator of the quality of films this year I’ll be praying that the Mayans were right… Continue reading

‘Star Trek 2’ gets a refined British villain

Writer/director J.J Abrams is in the process of rounding out the cast for ‘Star Trek 2’ which is already ramping up to be one of the biggest films of 2013 (the hype has… Continue reading

Popcorn Junkie top picks of 2012

Happy New Year! It’s time to get out your shiny new calendar and start marking down all the dates you need to take off work to see the best films of 2012. We’ve… Continue reading

Behind the scenes ‘Skyfall’ footage

  One of the most anticipated films of 2012 will be the return of James Bond in ‘Skyfall’.  The anticipation is so high that the producers are literally counting the seconds until its… Continue reading

Christmas giveaway

UPDATE: All DVD packs have been given away and winners have been notified.  This competition is now closed. *Please not that the giveaway is only limited to residents of Australia due to limited… Continue reading

The best films of 2011

We’ve done the most disappointing films, we’ve done the worst films and now it’s time to shine the light on the best films of 2011. The films are listed in descending order and… Continue reading

Full list of winners for The Goslings

The Popcorn Junkie Film Awards – The Goslings! Full list of winners                         We recently announced The Popcorn Junkie Film Awards for… Continue reading