Review – Amour

Making the commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone, through sickness or health in marriage, is one of the oldest traditions in the union between two people. The tale of… Continue reading

Review – The Last Stand

There is a moment in ‘The Last Stand’ where the film’s villain is about to initiate part of his evil scheme and someone asks “what’s that?” He replies with flamboyant delivery “EXCITEMENT!” If… Continue reading

Review – Beautiful Creatures

Double, double YOLO and LOL; fire burn, and teenage sexual desires bubble. Welcome to the world of ‘Beautiful Creatures’, a film that’s fighting so hard against its mystical lore that the word “witch”… Continue reading

Review – Flight

A pilot who is an alcoholic, a cancer patient and a drug addict recovering from a heroin overdose meet in a stairwell. It sounds like the beginning of a lurid joke but this… Continue reading

Review – Silver Linings Playbook

Writer and director David O. Russell indulges his broken characters in a world of crazy as a way of coping with a harsh reality in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. Russell goes beyond the woes… Continue reading

Review – Lincoln

In ‘Lincoln’ filmmaker Steven Spielberg takes a peephole approach to the life of one of the greatest American Presidents, Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis).

Review – Zero Dark Thirty

In order to fight evil one must become submerged in a wicked darkness. ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ chronicles the decade long manhunt to find Osama Bin Landen and is a dramtisation of a silent… Continue reading

Review – Sleepwalk with Me

The great love of one man’s life is wavering between his career and his partner in ‘Sleepwalk with Me’, a film that expertly paddles through the complicated subconscious and repressed feelings of a… Continue reading

Review – Queen of Versailles

The life of a billionaire family is a microcosm for a society constantly living on credit and the banking system that enables it in ‘The Queen of Versailles’.

Review – Hitchcock

Most of the ‘Rocky’ films run on a simple formula. Rocky cannot win a boxing match unless he knows that Adrian loves him. ‘Hitchcock’ applies the same formula to a small portion of… Continue reading

Review – Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino is a self-confessed film lover who happily boasts that he never went to film school, he went to film. Since being smuggled behind the walls of the studio system as a… Continue reading

Review – Compliance

‘Compliance’ wades through the foggy grey area of human behaviour in an intriguing power play between authority and those who yield to command.

Review – Jack Reacher

The myth built around the character of Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) is chalked up to a military career littered with awards, an uncanny knack for going off grid and a gift with the… Continue reading

Review – Life of Pi

All great art has the power to make us question what higher authority or force of nature empowered someone to create a masterpiece. ‘Life of Pi’ is director Ang Lee’s artistic expression of… Continue reading

Best films of 2012

2012 was an amazing year in film and we were spoilt with superhero epics, the return of Paul Thomas Anderson and underdog documentaries managing to provide big surprises. Before we get numerical a… Continue reading