Review – Cutie and the Boxer

The documentary, ‘Cutie and the Boxer’, opens with a big white blank canvas. An elderly man steps into the frame wearing only pants, eye goggles and boxing gloves covered in black paint. He… Continue reading

Review – Monsters University

Life does not follow a plan, no matter how much preparation is involved. The digital animation studio Pixar hones in on the transformative nature of existence in the studio’s first attempt at a… Continue reading

Review – World War Z

‘World War Z’ is a zombie film made by a parents group. A sanitised entry into the genre to ensure that twelve year-olds can lap up the action without mum or dad having… Continue reading

Review – Prince Avalanche

Prepare to add Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch to the list of superb comedy duos as result of ‘Prince Avalanche’, the mirthful new film from writer/director, David Gordon Green. The humour is ace… Continue reading

Review – Frances Ha

Before you hit middle age it’s possible to have a Quarter-Life Crisis (QLC). People prone to QLC are usually from Gen-Y and somewhere in their twenties. Despite having money, shelter and employment their… Continue reading

Review – Mud

The optimism of youth gets scrambled with the affairs of adults in ‘Mud’, the latest film from writer/director, Jeff Nichols (‘Take Shelter’). It’s a stripped back approach to tracking the process of growing… Continue reading

Sydney Film Festival – Day 4

Today was a five film day. Coincidentally, I was working off five hours of sleep too. It’s always good to keep everything in the theme of the festival. As a result my brain… Continue reading

Sydney Film Festival – Day 3

When you have a little spare time at a film festival the best thing to do is…see a film. With Thursday’s morning schedule free of festival films it was an opportunity to head… Continue reading

Sydney Film Festival – Day 2

Nothing says “get into the theatre and indulge in cinema you film geekling” like heavy rain. Umbrellas were out in force for my second day of the Sydney Film Festival, and most of… Continue reading

Sydney Film Festival 2013 – Day 1

I crashed into Sydney like a Kryptonian and was immediately adopted by the Sydney Film Festival 2013. After briefly stopping buy the excellent Festival Hub at lower Town Hall (the volunteers offered to… Continue reading

Review – Upstream Colour

Multitasking filmmaking maestro, Shane Carruth, proves he is fast becoming the puzzle master of filmmaking with ‘Upstream Colour’. It’s a sumptuous enigma that’s intricately constructed and a beautifully shot film that would make… Continue reading

Review – Fast and the Furious 6

Men who purchase high performance vehicles are said to be overcompensating for being ill equipped in their pants. ‘Fast and Furious 6’ suffers from the same ineptitude, but overcompensates with crazy action to… Continue reading

Review – The Great Gatsby

If you want, you can eat an entire chocolate cake, there is nothing stopping you besides a lack of willpower. Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ has the drive, and it’s the equivalent to… Continue reading

Review – The Act of Killing

History is written by the victors and in the documentary ‘The Act of Killing’, the violent memories of real-life Indonesian death squad leaders are re-created in a surreal filmmaking landscape. The importance of… Continue reading

Review – The Hangover Part 3

When it comes to the ‘The Hangover’ sequels, we’re being punished for having a good time with the first film. If ‘Part 2’ was a clone of its predecessor, Part 3 is the… Continue reading