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The Hobbit Production Video

Peter Jackson is heading back to Middle Earth and he is taking you on the journey. Jackson is bringing ‘The Hobbit’ to the big screen in two parts, ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’… Continue reading

Trailer of the week – War Horse

It was hard to pick a trailer with so many doing the rounds this week including Pixar’s “Brave” and “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” but how could we resist the return of Steven Spielberg… Continue reading

Trailer of the week – Captain America

‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ is on the way and by the looks of this new trailer director Joe Johnson and Co. have nailed it. I get a ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’… Continue reading

Review – No Strings Attached

Usually in the first five minutes of any romantic comedy you can figure out how it ends, but for some reason a little voice inside asks, ‘maybe this time it’s going to be… Continue reading

Review – Another Year

Getting old is a reality we all have to face and it scares the hell out everyone with 99% of those people being members of the female population. Some say once you hit… Continue reading

Queensland Flood Appeal

Queensland has been devastated by floods so all this week, for every hit we get on The Popcorn Junkie we’ll donate a dollar to the Queensland Premiers flood relief.

Review – Tangled

Since Pixar burst onto the scene with the first ‘Toy Story’ Disney have been trying hard to keep up with their own animation division. The major problem has been that Pixar don’t do… Continue reading

The Popcorn Junkie Is Back!

Ahoy hoy, After a long absence the team at The Popcorn Junkie is back, we’ve been toiling away in a mine in India for diamonds until a kind man in a fedora with… Continue reading