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Too Much TV Vol. 2

A good showing for comedies this week and we’re going to discuss the merits of comfort viewing. And, most importantly: the dot com.

Too Much TV Vol. 1

Where I try to save you from the neon claws of modern television.

A Guide to the Best TV Shows of 2017

Let’s rock.

Don’t write-off season six of Community

The age of Yahoo! has begun.

Better Call Saul, a masterclass in fan service

A few thoughts on the genius of the Breaking Bad spinoff.

Television Recap: The Strain

Another series on the recap list (I’m so tired, send coffee)

Television recap: The Leftovers

Reporting for recap duty

Television recap: Halt and Catch Fire

The new television series Halt and Catch Fire is right up my command prompt.

You need to start watching Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey

Because of science

Tremble before True Detective

Here’s a little piece I wrote for Graffiti with Punctuation about True Detective a few weeks ago.