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Review – Submarine

There is something raw and refreshing about a director’s debut feature film. For the first time, a filmmaker gets to put on screen all the ideas they’ve had floating around in their brain… Continue reading

Trailer of the week

Johnny Depp hasn’t had the best run of late. ‘The Tourist’ was a major flop, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stanger Tides’ was dissapointing, and the plug has been pulled on his next… Continue reading

Review – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Horror comedies are like arranged marriages. The pairing is unnatural, but there is that one in a million chance that it might work out, and when it does, it’s brilliant. Films that have… Continue reading

Review – Priest 3D

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If I observed that axiom then I wouldn’t strike a single key in writing a review for ‘Priest 3D’. But,… Continue reading

Review – Conan the Barbarian

Recycling is defined by as “to treat or process (used waste or materials) as to make suitable for reuse”. In 1982, ‘Conan the Barbarian’ was a good take on pulp fiction writer… Continue reading

Review – The Guard

Dark comedy is a tricky business that can divide an audience. Are you laughing at the characters or with them? Laughing with them implies you are just as depraved as they are. Laughing… Continue reading

Review – Friends With Benefits

It can be challenging to have identical twins in a family. A family friend of mine has twin girls and says the hardest thing is you have to try really hard to treat… Continue reading

Review – Win Win

To quote Mr. Keating from ‘Dead Poets Society’, “devotees may argue that one game or sport is inherently better than another. For me the most important thing in all sport is the way… Continue reading

Trailer of the week

Few trailers this week challenged our pick, honourable mentions must go to ‘Puncture’ and ‘Texas Killing Fields’. We’ve never been huge fans of Daniel Radcliffe and it’s going to be interesting to see… Continue reading

Review – Cowboys and Aliens

Remember when you were a kid and your parents said they weren’t angry at you, they were just disappointed? It cut deep every time, and after seeing ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ I feel like… Continue reading

Review – Horrible Bosses

Comedies succeed when they tap into a basic premise that most people can relate to. ‘The Hangover’ got it right because most people at some point in their lives have woken up with… Continue reading

Review – The Help

It’s hard to imagine a time when people were forced to use separate bathrooms and water fountains because of the colour of their skin. If an alien race passed through our galaxy and… Continue reading

Review – The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

While people marvelled at the brilliance of Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Inception’, advertising executives were probably sitting back thinking, “How can we get one of those dream machines?” When you break it down, advertising… Continue reading

Review – Jane Eyre

Since Charlotte Bronte put pen to paper in the 1800s, the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ has been dissected by critics and hailed a classic. Meanwhile, high school students have endeavored to find the best… Continue reading

Trailer of the week

Only one contender stood out all week. ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ was won the title of trailer of the week. This trailer is odd, but it produces the goods and it… Continue reading