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Review – Drive

The KISS principle is a good one. You don’t need face paint or a large tongue to follow the KISS philosophy, it simply stands for: Keep It Simple Stupid. It’s the kind of… Continue reading

Review – Contagion

“By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birth right of the earth, and it is his against all comers” – HG Wells, War of the Worlds Despite the technological… Continue reading

The Spielberg Curriculum Project

A while ago, a website featured a document and the claim that in order to work with director Steven Spielberg you had to see a list of films picked by the legend. Each… Continue reading

Review – The Thing

You know when you turn on the radio and hear a horrible dance remix of a classic song and it rips your heart out? As a teenager I remember hearing a horrid version… Continue reading

Trailer of the week

This film needs no introduction, ‘The Avengers’ is set to be one of the biggest films of 2012 (‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is offically the biggest film of 2012) and represents the culmination… Continue reading

Review – Red State

Writer/director Kevin Smith is the cicada of the film industry. In order to explain my theory some brief facts about the cicada first. The cicada is an insect that spends most of its… Continue reading

Review – Johnny English Reborn

Outside of disaster films and more recently horror films, the spy spoof is a well-trodden path. When the world was feeling a little tired from the ‘Austin Powers’ series in 2003, ‘Johnny English’… Continue reading

Review – Fright Night

A remake for the 1991 film ‘Point Break’ was announced this week. Immediately, social networking sites were exploding with hate for the project before a single frame of film has been shot. The… Continue reading

Review – Page One: Inside the New York Times

The world of vampires is very similar to the world of newspapers. In the past decade, both have experienced dramatic changes. Vampires were once violent and feared creatures, but thanks to the ‘Twilight’… Continue reading

One sheet wonder

I’m a huge fan of the first ‘Mission Impossible’ film. Director Brian De Palma should be credited with setting the standard for adapting television shows for feature films. It’s a great spy thriller,… Continue reading

Review – 13 Assassins

War is madness, but sometimes it serves as a means to stop a great evil. You can debate the moral quandaries of this statement until the cows come home , but I don’t… Continue reading

Review – The Change Up

I’m not going to beat around the bush, ‘The Change Up’ is bad, as in “we need to talk about a growth on your lung” bad. I officially became dumber from watching this… Continue reading

Review – One Day

Man and woman, by design, aren’t meant to be friends. I’m pretty sure in caveman times, men and women weren’t sitting around a campfire talking about their emotions and avoiding any sexual tension.… Continue reading

Review – Red State

!!Guest contributor Michael Pittman!! Well might believers say “Fear God”, but is there anything more frightening than extreme religious zealotry? I’m not talking about devoutly following any given faith, but rather when belief… Continue reading

The grapes of graph – August edition

A new feature on The Popcorn Junkie, we’re taking a look back at the films of August 2011 using special graphics developed in the lab/basement here at The Popcorn Junkie. This easy to… Continue reading