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The Black List 2011

Only one movie website still breaks movie news and that’s Deadline Hollywood.  It’s the first place to go for all your movie news (right after visiting The Popcorn Junkie of course).  One of… Continue reading

New Dark Knight Rises teaser poster

Movie posters now are often a photo-shopped abomination. It’s very rare nowadays for a movie poster come out that actually gets you excited about a film. Luckily, director Christopher Nolan and the marketing… Continue reading

Dark Knight Rises viral goodies

Viral marketing is an underutilised tool by movie studio marketing departments.  Putting a clip on ‘Funny or Die’ may be the viral weapon of choice but the team over at Warner Brothers are… Continue reading

Biggest disppointments of 2011

The end of the year in the movie critic world is full of lists. The good, the bad and the ugly are lined up and numbered, and are sent to either cinematic hell… Continue reading

‘Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol’ clips

Thanks to Paramount Pictures and Way to Blue we’ve got two new clips to share from ‘Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol’. In the clips you’ll get to meet Brandt (Jeremy Renner) and Benji (Simon… Continue reading

Review – Attack the Block

2011 hasn’t been the best year for alien invasion films. ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ was mindless military porn, ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ was disappointing and ‘Green Lantern’ kind of classifies as alien invasion flick, and… Continue reading

Review – Immortals

The Gods that fill the tales of Greek mythology are essentially ancient superheroes. The old statues, frescoes and wall paintings are like comic books. ‘Immortals’ brings those old artworks to life beautifully but… Continue reading

Review – The Ides of March

Politics can be compared to a game of chess or a game of poker. I prefer the poker analogy because there are more dickheads that play poker. In politics you have to bluff,… Continue reading

Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol featurette

I’m a big fan of ‘Mission:Impossible’ and Simon Pegg. The two worlds collided briefly in ‘Mission:Impossible 3’ and Pegg plays an even bigger role in the new film. Way To Blue and Paramount… Continue reading

Movie loot

Being a rabid movie geek means your bank account is always vulnerable to attack from memorabilia, such as a movie-quality Indiana Jones whip or life-size Predator head. If I have to choose between… Continue reading

Review – We Need to Talk About Kevin

“Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin”… Continue reading

Review – Breaking Dawn: Part 1

Before taking a look at the new ‘Twilight’ film, ‘Breaking Dawn: Part One’, I thought I’d lay down a few ground rules: 1. I will only judge the film based on its own… Continue reading

Review – Burning Man

Australian films have really stepped into the limelight in 2011. ‘Red Dog’ raked in the cash, ‘Snowtown’ horrified and ‘The Hunter’ introduced the world to a place called Tasmania. The industry has started… Continue reading

Review – The Debt

Hollywood has taught us that being a secret agent involves gadgets, girls and getaways. In reality, intelligence agents are living among us every day, with the primary goal of blending in. You know… Continue reading

Review – Bill Cunningham New York

Since I have no sense of style or have no clue about fashion, I sent my wife along to see ‘Bill Cunningham New York’. My wife is one of the most fashionable people… Continue reading