Stop judging films based on their trailers

The first trailer for the new Ghostbusters dropped in the past 24-hours and—as the Internet had predicated—it was met with anguish.

It was as if millions of childhoods cried out in pain. Seems like there’s a large contingent (of mostly men) who can’t deal with an all-female Ghostbusters team and have raged against this new entry into the series from the day it was announced and it’s starting to get tiresome.

You can see the trailer for yourself:

Over at Graffiti with Punctuation I wrote a piece about the reaction to the trailer: Stop Passing Final Judgement On Films You Haven’t Seen Yet. The pre-backlash is an annoying trend and it continues to get worse as people fail to understand the function of a trailer as a piece of advertising for a film—it’s not the film.

I’m excited for the new Ghostbusters because that’s all I have right now, something to look forward to.