Monthly Movie Debrief: February Edition

MMDThe Debrief podcast is a little like a Backstreet Boy, it’s back! Film critic Blake Howard and I are returning to the show but we’re making it a monthly affair this year.

Each episode will focus on a crop of new films released in the past month in Australia and the February edition features: DeadpoolBrooklyn and Spotlight.

It’s also a space where I can get thoughts out on films that won’t get the attention of a written review. Since a tiny human arrived in my life, parenting duties have become a time vampire—in the best possible way—and I’d like to be as present as often to avoid getting Cats in the Cradle’d by my son one day. This is the case for Spotlight and Brooklyn, two films I’d love to write too many words about, but if you have the time my reviews are contained within this episode of the Monthly Movie Debrief.

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Cameron Williams

The Popcorn Junkie.