The Week In Fist Pumps


Time for another edition of The Week In Fist Pumps where I celebrate the things that are making me happy this week.

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“I’m Batman!”


I spent the week playing Batman Arkham Origins (Xbox360) and so far I’ve had a good time stepping into the boots of Batman again. It’s the third game in the Arkham game franchise and these games consistently capture the feeling of what it might be like to be Batman (minus the internal bleeding) and Origins is no exception.

The story is a prequel set in the early years of Bruce Wayne establishing himself as Batman in Gotham City.

I haven’t finished the game yet so these are first impressions. The game is produced by a different developer to the first two games and it shows. Most of the gameplay is similar but outside of the beautiful cut-scenes, it’s a little scrappy in the graphics department on the 360 (no doubt due to the arrival of next gen consoles soon). Although I was a little put off at first, the patchy graphics do add to the rookie vibe of Batman’s early days. There are a few neat additions including new gadgets, access to a functioning Batcave that’s awesome and an enhanced detective mode that enables you to work through crime scenes.

The plot features lots of villains and references to the wider Batman universe and there have been lots of cool little surprises so far. It’s also great playing as Batman when he’s viewed by the police as a vigilante and not an ally. The story takes place on Christmas Eve and has the vibe of a Shane Black film and I really like that storytelling aesthetic.

Gamers have been spoilt with the previous Arkham games and Origins is probably going to be a victim of high expectations. Despite a few niggles, the core of Origins is that it is mad fun being Batman and this game has delivered that experience for me so far.


Dr Who hits the cinema


On 23 November 24 2013 the world’s longest running sci-fi series, Dr Who, celebrates its 50th anniversary with an explosive anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, and it’s screening in cinemas in Australia on 24 November 2013, only hours after premiering in the UK.

It’s such a cool event for ‘Whovians’ to attend and apparently special parts of the episode have been shot in 3D.

Dendy Cinemas is one Australian cinema chain doing the screenings but they are not alone. Check your local movie theatre to see if they’ve got a screening.



Close encounters of the book kind


Lots of books that focus on the ‘making of’ a film often come from a negative point of view with added commentary on the politics of the studio system and more. The actor Bob Baliban kept a diary while he was working on Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind and it was published. The book is called Spielberg, Truffant and Me: An Actor’s Diary and it’s a great read. Baliban tells wonderful stories about fumbling his way through the French language in the presence of Francois Truffaut, attending nightly screenings at Spielberg’s digs and disco dancing aliens. There are a few tales of woes on the set but it’s done in good humour and a must read if you’re a fan of the film.

Grab the book here.



Pacific Rim in Lego


An artists on Flickr known as OliveSeon has recreated scenes from Pacific Rim using Lego. I want this in my living room.



Winter is coming


The trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier appeared online this morning. It looks like a superhero film with the heart of a spy thriller.

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