Review – Kath and Kimderella

Whenever a television series makes the jump to the big screen it’s worth pondering; why didn’t they make another series? A big budget film version of a television show should give the creators and cast an opportunity to pull off grand ideas that were never conceivable on television. ‘Kath and Kimderella’ completely fails to capitalise on a cinematic jaunt. Instead, it’s a tele-movie that accidentally got a cinema release.

Kath (Jane Turner) and her daughter Kim (Gina Riley) win an overseas holiday and end up getting involved in the royal affairs of the locals.

As always Turner and Riley do a fantastic job embodying their comedic creations that includes Kath and Kim plus other recognisable characters they haul out from the television series. Glen Robbins is a standout and probably the best thing in the film playing Kath’s Husband/fine purveyor of meats, Kel Knight.

A case of mistaken identity and a riff on fairytales provides the framework for the plot. A lot of the humour is dated with jokes about old Black Eyed Peas songs, supermodels and politics; it’s as daggy as a pair of zip-up leather Hush Puppies. Turner and Riley wrote the screenplay and it’s a shame to see two talented comic writers churn out something so mediocre.

Hardcore ‘Kath and Kim’ fans might revel in seeing their favourites on the silver screen but enjoyment for anyone will come from viewing the film through heavily tinted ‘Kath and Kim’ glasses.

‘Kath and Kimderella’ is another diminutive transition from the tube to the projector.


Cameron Williams
The Popcorn Junkie

‘Kath and Kimderella’ is released:

6 September 2012 Australia