Review – Get the Gringo

In life we all make mistakes. They can be graded as a minor hiccup, a moderate failure or the biggest one of all – the Mel Gibson. While some might choose not to forgive Gibson for his deeds, if all judgment is put aside a surprise awaits in ‘Get the Gringo’.

A career criminal (Gibson) on the run with carload of stolen money is apprehended by police in Mexico and sent to prison.

‘Get the Gringo’ is a walled in western and most of the action takes place inside a jail that doubles as a small living community for the families of inmates. Gibson’s character is the man with no name (the character is simply called ‘driver’) who rolls into town and becomes the unlikely champion of the ‘kid’ – played with attitude by Kevin Hernandez. What follows is a series of shootouts and run-ins with shifty bad guys all to the soundtrack of a roaring mariachi band.

Director Adrian Grunburg crafts a film that’s akin to a Mexican Guy Ritchie flick. The mix of gangsters and gunplay works well and there is a dry sense of humour that runs throughout most of the film’s dialogue.

It’s interesting how Gibson’s status in reality as an outcast lifts his character in ‘Get the Gringo’. In the film he’s a criminal stuck behind bars with fellow outlaws, an environment where he should fit in but he doesn’t. Similar to Hollywood, a place that should be familiar to Gibson but he’s now the outsider even after receiving the mainstream film industry’s greatest gesture of acceptance – the Academy Award. Gibson has a writing credit on the film so it might be his way of reflecting on his current career standings.

There is a very slight hint of a romantic interest for Gibson’s character that feels forced into the film for no reason as his motivations to help the kid are made clear.

‘Get the Gringo’ is a quiet achiever. It’s a decent crime caper worth heading south of the border for.


The Popcorn Junkie