‘Dark Knight Rises’ viral site goes live

Are you ready to be blown away by a pure piece of viral marketing brilliance?

ComicBookMovie.com spilt the news that the viral site for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ has gone live.

It involves a worldwide scavenger hunt.

Hit the jump for more details and how you can be involved.

If you go to www.thedarknightrises.com there is a case file.

By flicking through the files you will come across instructions for a scavenger hunt.

The viral steps are:

1.) Go to location listed

2.) Make sure your location services/store location is “On” in the camera settings.

3.) Take picture of the evidence at locale.

4.) Head home and either twitter out the picture taken to #tdkr07202012 or e-mail it to tdkr07202012@gothampolicedepartment.com

U.S. locations will be added at 8am PST (11am EST)

A few photos have already been taken and apparently emailing or tweeting the images results in film slides from the new trailer being sent out.

No doubt the more photos sent, the more film slides will be sent out and once all are in play the new trailer will go online.

The marketing team at Warner Brothers are writing the book on viral film marketing at the moment and we can’t wait to see what’s next in the lead up to the film’s release.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is released:

19 July 2012 Australia

20 July 2012 USA and UK