‘The Avengers’ opens big in Australia

Deadline is reporting this morning that over the Anzac day public holiday Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ broke records at the Australian box office.

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Estimates put the opening at around $6 million that makes the film the second highest opening of all time at the Australian box office, just behind the $7 million made by ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt2’.

The opening also became the biggest for a Disney film and the biggest of the Marvel films easily passing the $1.8 million made by ‘Iron Man 2’ on its first day.

‘The Avengers’ is Disney’s first attempt at distributing and marketing a Marvel film and they didn’t have to try hard to entice people to the cinema and the public holiday in Australia was a great help.

With the public holiday looming people took advantage of midnight screenings that generated early hype to convince the small undecided members of the population who hadn’t made up their minds yet to see the film.

Don’t forget that Australian actor Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor in the film may have been a small draw card for patriotic Australian audiences.

The Disney head office in the US has to be excited by these numbers and high volume of positive reviews from critics and the glowing reactions via social networking sites.

At the writing of this article, ‘The Avengers’ has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97 per cent out of 39 reviews.

The film opens in the UK today and all eyes will be on the numbers to see if it generates similar numbers. With the US release date of 4 May looming Disney will be using the momentum of the big overseas opening to put the final stage of their marketing plan into action to ensure the US opening weekend is a big one.

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