US Box Office estimates for weekend 12 -15 April 2012

US Box Office estimates for weekend 12 -15 April 2012

# Movie title Studio Weeks in release 3 Day Weekend $ Total $
1 – The Hunger Games Lionsgate 4 $21.5 million $377 million
2 NEW The Three Stooges Fox NEW $17.1 million $17.1 million
3 NEW Cabin in the Woods Lionsgate NEW $14.8 million $14.8 million
4 \/ Titanic 3D Paramount 2 $11.6 million $44.4 million
5 \/ American Reunion Universal 2 $10.7 million $39.9 million
6 \/ Mirror Mirror Relativity 3 $7 million $49.5 million
7 \/ Wrath of the Titans Warner Brothers 3 $6.9 million $71.3 million
8 \/ 21 Jump Street Sony 5 $6.8 million $120 million
9 NEW Lockout Film District NEW $6.3 million $6.3 million
10 \/ The Lorax Universal   7 $3.2 million $204 million

‘The Hunger Games’ has spent the fourth week in a row at number one with $21.5 million across the weekend brining to total to $377 million. It’s now sitting at number 22 in all time domestic gross just behind ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’.

‘The Three Stooges’ opened to $17.1 million that comes pretty close to the films alleged budget of $30 million. Without accounting for inflation, ‘The Three Stooges’ is the third biggest opening for a Farrelly Brothers film behind ‘Me, Myself and Irene’ and ‘Shallow Hal’. Something to keep in mind considering their highest grossing film, ‘There’s Something About Mary’ only opened to $13.7 million in 1998 but it was less 1000 screens. ‘Stooges’ isn’t a huge flop but marketing costs might set Fox back if it eventually hits budget.

The mega hyped ‘Cabin in the Woods’ fought hard with ‘Stooges’ across the weekend for second place but it had to settle with $14.8 million and the bronze medal. There is no doubt that ‘Stooges’ was helped by the family audience thus ‘Cabin’ was reliant on the audience it could draw from an R-rating. It’s an average result for the film especially considering the buzz generated for it via social networking and a lot of glowing reviews. Like ‘Stooges’ the opening is not far off ‘Cabin’s’ alleged budget of $30 million plus marketing costs. It seems the hype plus the draw of Joss Whedon and star Chris Hemsworth wasn’t enough to entice audiences. A week of positive word of mouth could see the film bounce and audiences drawn to ‘The Hunger Games’ might divert their money to ‘Cabin’, but it’s a win/win for Lionsgate either way.

Sadly, ‘Lockout’ flopped with only $6 million proving that Guy Pearce cannot open a film as a lead actor. It only opened to just over 2000 screens and could not compete with ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Three Stooges’ but its closest new release rival was ‘Cabin’ that made just over double the money.


A worthy mention must also go to ‘The Raid: Redemption’ that just missed out on making the top 10 sitting at eleventh position with a $1 million weekend with a boost from 700 new screens. Hopefully, when the actuals come in it might knock off ‘The Lorax’ but we’ll have to wait and see.

Stats via Box Office Mojo