Top 5 directors for ‘Captain America 2’

News it out today that race to the ‘Captain America 2’ director’s chair is between George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau) and the Russo brothers (‘You, Me & Dupree’ and the TV series ‘Community’).

Honestly, we’d prefer to see a wildcard director enter the race based on the previous films of the directors being considered.

We’ve put together a list of the top five wildcard directors for the ‘Captain America 2’ job.

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Stephen Norrington

Despite almost going mad after directing ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ and disappearing from filmmaking, Norrington has an impressive yet small body of work. Norrington began his career as a member of the special effects crew on ‘Aliens’ and ‘Young Sherlock Holmes’ and moved into directing. He reinvigorated Marvel’s superhero film prospects with ‘Blade’ in 1998 that went on to be a huge franchise for New Line Cinema.

It would be amazing to see Norrington make a comeback if he can be coaxed back from the wilderness. It would also be cool to see Marvel make Norrington a part of Marvel Studios as a gesture of good faith for delivering success with ‘Blade’ in the 90s.

The work that will get him the job: ‘Blade’.

Andrew Stanton

‘John Carter’ was a huge flop and cost Disney $200 million and possibly Stanton’s chances of directing a live-action film again. Stanton could easily retreat back to Pixar but there were flashes of brilliance in ‘John Carter’ despite most of the film being a drag. Outside of digital animation we’re not sure if anyone is willing to give Stanton a chance with any film but no one can questions Stanton’s talent. Brad Bird might be the obvious choice because of ‘The Incredibles’ but he might be out of Marvel Studios pay range after delivering success with ‘Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol’. The plot of ‘Captain America 2’ is rumoured to be set in modern times with the Steve Rogers adapting to the modern world. Stanton has experience with outsiders and adventure with his Pixar work on ‘WAL-E’ and ‘Finding Nemo’.

The work that will get him the job: The bit in ‘John Carter’ where he slays the alien army while it flashes back to him burying his family (flash of brilliance).

Paul McGuigan

McGuigan has visited superhero territory before when he directed ‘Push’ that was released in 2009. ‘Push’ was an entertaining and realistic take on people who have special powers and it starred Captain America himself, Chris Evans. That ticks two huge boxes for the ‘Captain America 2’ gig. Adding more fuel to McGuigan’s case is his recent television work that includes directing episodes of the BBC series ‘Sherlock’ and one episode of the NBC series ‘Smash’ (‘Captain America’ did have a musical number). McGuigan has done a lot of television work and his schedule looks wide open for a return to film.

The work that will get him the gig: ‘Push’ and ‘Sherlock’.

Joe Carnahan

It seems Carnahan is one of those talented directors who is always getting burnt by weak box office. Most notable is ‘The A-Team’ that according to most box office boffins, underperformed resulting in Carnahan getting put on ice. Luckily, he filmed ‘The Grey’ on that ice which, with the help of Liam Neeson, became a huge hit and is a bloody good film. Carnahan is a fantastic action director and it would be great to see what he could do with ‘Captain America 2’. He is rumoured to be working on a remake of ‘Death Wish’ but all that could change with a call up from Marvel.

The work that will get him the gig: ‘The A-Team’ and ‘The Grey’.

Gareth Evans

It would be a miracle if Evans for the gig but he has one of the best films of 2012 on his resume…’The Raid’. If you haven’t seen ‘The Raid’ you are mental, it’s one of the greatest action/martial arts films of all time. Studios should be throwing bags of cash at Evans to direct films and ‘Captain America 2’ could be a good first foray into Hollywood. ‘The Raid’ is very violent and Evans will not be allowed to let Captain America lop people’s heads off with his shield, but the action would be epic and Evans cleverly weaved a good story into ‘The Raid’ in between the spurts of blood.

The work that will get him the gig: ‘The Raid’.

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‘Captain America 2’ is released 4 April 2014