Review – American Reunion

School reunions are all about catching up with friends, reminiscing on good times and reflecting on your education. If you have that gooey sentiment towards school reunions you are kidding yourself. School reunions are all about finding out who got rich, who lost a leg and who turned into a drug addict. Sometimes all three can happen to one person, they’re commonly known as losers and or film critics. ‘American Reunion’ brings the main gang from ‘American Pie’ back together and just like a real school reunion it’s an awkward experience.

The class of 1999 from East Great Falls, Michigan get back together for their high school reunion and reflect in how their lives have changed from when they were teenagers to adulthood.

To be clear, ‘American Pie’ is a good film, the sequels were average and the direct to DVD sequels belong at the bottom of a garbage pile with ‘American Reunion’. It’s unfunny and relies too heavily on lame gross out gags and vulgar dialogue. Yes, ‘American Pie’ had gross out humour but those moments were exaggerations of awkward teenage sexual experiences and the film had enough heart for you to care about the characters. All of this is missing in ‘American Reunion’ and it relies on the gimmick of seeing the original cast all back together, but the last time we checked, no one was signing petitions to get them all in the same room.

There are a few good observations on getting older (if late 20s/30s in considered old?) and the generation gap between the main characters and the teenagers of the next generation is interesting.

The cast seem happy to be back together and employed with only John Cho providing any entertainment in the film in a very small role that riffs heavily on lone joke from ‘American Pie’.

‘American Reunion’ is not worth attending.


‘American Reunion’ is released:

5 April 2012 Australia

6 April 2012 US

2 May 2012 UK

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