Review – Mirror Mirror

Expect apple sales to decline in 2012 because it’s the year of the poison apple with the release of two Snow White themed films. The gritty take on the fairytale, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, isn’t out until June. ‘Mirror Mirror’ can claim the territory first but it does so in a very goofy manner that might keep kids entertained but adults might be praying for the tainted apple.

Snow White (Lily Collins) is an exiled princess who sits back while her kingdom falls into darkness under the rule of an evil queen (Julia Roberts). Snow White realises she must take back her kingdom and sets upon reclaiming her birthright.

‘Mirror Mirror’ is a light-hearted take on the fairytale material with a few slight adjustments. It’s aimed at a family audience and it does a good job of maintaining those wholesome values of good old fashioned family entertainment.

The fantasy world is brought to life with colourful costumes and sets that fit the visual style of director Tarsem Singh who has made is visual mark in film such as ‘The Cell’ and ‘Immortals’. Full credit to the talented art departments that all worked together to leave a beautiful mark on the film.

A lot of humour runs through the film and that’s the big point of difference ‘Mirror Mirror’ is selling, as opposed to other versions of Snow White. A lot of the gags fall flat and there a very few genuine laugh out loud moments. Singh tries hard to make ‘Mirror Mirror’ similar to another fairytale/comedy ‘The Princess Bride’ but it never comes close.

The big surprise is that Roberts is quite good as the evil queen and Nathan Lane great as her right hand man, despite coming across as complete cheese-balls in the trailers for ‘Mirror Mirror’.

There is enough charm in ‘Mirror Mirror’ to keep the Disney princess in your family happy but for everyone else it’s best to wait for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’.


‘Mirror Mirror’ is released:

29 March 2012 in Australia

30 March 2012 in the US

2 April 2012 in the UK

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