The Amazing Spiderman viral campaign – find the webbed menace

There is nothing better than a good viral marketing campaign for a film. The gold standard at the moment is viral for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Prometheus’ but worthy of a silver medal is ‘The Amazing Spiderman’.

So far, we’ve had the world event screening of the new trailer and extended footage of the film plus the ‘Mark of the Spiderman’ campaign that promoted co-ordinated (legal) graffiti tagging at six different cities by fans.

Now, the viral campaign is entering its next stage by using footage from the ‘Mark of the Spiderman’ in a Daily Bugle news package that features Captain George Stacy (Dennis Leary) calling for the capture of the masked vigilante Spiderman. This coincides with wanted posters of Spiderman being handed out at the Wondercon event in Anaheim on the weekend that promoted the website

The biggest bit of info we get from this video is that The Daily Bugle may not be a newspaper but a television network in the film. Not mind blowing information but it might hint at the possibility of the popular Spiderman character, Daily Bugle editor, Jonah J Jameson making an appearance in the film.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

‘The Amazing Spiderman’ is released 3 July 2012 in the US and 4 July 2012 in Australia.

Story via Cinemablend