‘Robocop’ remake finds its lead

Big news today for the planned ‘Robocop’ reboot/remake. Deadline is reporting that MGM have offered Joel Kinnaman the lead role in the long gestating production that might finally see the light of day.

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News of remaking ‘Robocop’ goes back to 2005 when Sony Pictures first sparked interest in the project but nothing ever eventuated.

MGM revitalised the idea in 2008 when ‘Robocop’ was included on a press release of films the studio hoped to turn into a franchise as well as revelling a poster at a licensing show with the tag “coming soon 2010” (see below).

Director Darren Aronofsky confirmed at Comic Con in 2008 that he would direct the film but soon dropped out after MGM kept pushing back the release date and disrupting his plans to work on other projects.

The project seemed to disappear and the financial problems of MGM put the film and most of the studios other projects on hold.

Finally, in early 2011 MGM hired director Jose Padilha to direct after the success of his two films ‘Elite Squad’ and ‘Elite Squad 2’. Since then lots of names have been thrown around for the lead role including Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves and Russell Crowe.

The casting of Kinnaman brings the production closer to actually becoming a reality after years of disruption.

Kudos to MGM for going to a relatively unknown actor in such an iconic role, surely, a big name actor would have overridden the entire film.

‘Gran Torino’ screenwriter Nick Schenk was recently hired to work on the script and before you start complaining about another remake/reboot, we think the themes of the original ‘Robocop’ stay true today. We can’t wait to see what kind of satire can be made of the new world we live in with social networking, Apple gadgets and events like the recent London riots.

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