Meet Maria Hill – new image from ‘The Avengers’

It’s been a huge week for comic book fans, movie fans and mother Earth with a whole bunch of goodies from ‘The Avengers’ being revealed including a new poster and trailer.

While the main superheroes and characters familiar to audiences from the other Marvel Studios productions are getting top billing (and so they should) there are a couple of new characters appearing in ‘The Avengers’ that are being kept quiet.

One of those characters is S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Maria Hill who is being played by Cobie Smulders. The character has been almost absent from all promo material and trailers, yet she’s featured heavily in most of ‘The Avengers’ comics in more recent times. Maybe the character has something to do with the storyline which is why she’s being hidden? Or maybe she has so little time in the film it’s not worth promoting?

Joe Quesada, Marvel’s Editor in Chief describes the character as:

“[Hill] is such a strong personality, she’s like a force of nature and quite frankly, while perhaps not immediately loved by all involved, she’s certainly as strong and imposing a figure as Nick Fury.”

Marvel has posted a few pictures of the character online hit the jump to check them out.

‘The Avengers’ is released 25 April 2012 in Australia, and 4 May 2012 in the US.