Meet Peter Weyland – viral marketing for ‘Prometheus’

There is nothing better than a piece of marketing designed for a film that is completely separate from the end product. Something created that is not seen in the final edit but enhances the story and helps create the world the audience is willing to get lost in upon the film’s release.

Director Tony Scott and writer Damon Lindelof have come up with a beautiful piece of viral marketing for their upcoming film ‘Prometheus’.

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Overnight, a website appeared online for Weyland Industries featuring a video of the company’s founder Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) giving a speech at TED Talk in 2023, launching Weyland Corp. into the international spotlight.

The bit was directed by Luke Scott and apparently it won’t feature in the final edit of ‘Prometheus’.

Based on what’s mentioned in the clip, the speech takes place years before the events of ‘Prometheus’ and acts like a mini-prequel for the film.

Keep an eye on the Weyland Corp website for more details as well as the Twitter hashtag #weylandinvestors

Studios need to work on more this kind of marketing. The goosebumps we got watching this clip almost made the skin explode of our bodies.

‘Prometheus’ is released June 7 2012 in Australia and June 8 2012 in the US.