Edgar Wright to direct Johnny Depp in ‘Night Stalker’

One of our favourite directors is Edgar Wright but we’ve cracked it a bit with him lately because he seems to tweet more than direct.

Of course, he has been very busy working with Marvel Studios on the production of ‘Ant Man’ (that should be aborted ASAP) that he is set to direct, he worked with Joe Cornish on the script to ‘Attack the Block’, and he is working on an “end of the world” film with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Hit the jump to find out about his next directing gig.

The man has come out of hibernation today with news that Disney has hired Wright to direct Johnny Depp in ‘Night Stalker’ an adaptation of TV movie and subsequent series focused on tabloid reporter Carl Kolchack, whose investigations always lead to perpetrators of the supernatural.

Wright is such a creative writer/director and hopefully Disney will give him room to move on the project and not shoehorn his skills like they did with Tim Burton.

Disney will probably be aiming to make the film appeal to the widest possible audience by making the film family friendly, but with the supernatural themes you can’t help but think a big screen version of ‘Night Stalker’ would benefit from being a little edgy.

We would love to see Wright do something similar to the tone of the awesome fake trailer for ‘Don’t’ that appeared during the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez ‘Grindhouse’ feature. – check it out below.

The good news is that Wright is directing again. It’s great news considering many though his days in Hollywood were numbered after the excellent ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ bombed at the US Box Office.

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Story via Deadline, Collider and The Reel Bits