Sam Mendes loves James bond – ‘Skyfall’ videoblog

Videoblogs are fast becoming part of the marketing strategy for films with Peter Jackson’s videoblogs from ‘The Hobbit’ setting the standard for keeping fans salivating over over a project.’

The next James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ is currently in production and The Reel Bits pointed us to a videoblog that popped up at featuring director Sam Mendes talking about the film.

Hit the jump to check it out.

Mendes is so British that he could almost appear as a character in the Bond franchise. It’s surprising that it’s the first time he’s returned to shoot a film in England after spending a lot of time in Hollywood.

In the beginning we were pessimistic about Mendes directing a Bond film thinking that Daniel Craig might be crying into his gun or spending too much “time” in the shower, rather than using it to take down bad guys.

Taking a look back at the films of Mendes, the excellent ‘Road to Perdition’ might give off a hint of what we might get in ‘Skyfall’ and hearing Mendes talk about his love for Bond, and his British sensibilities are lifting our confidence.

‘Skyfall’ is released 22 November 2012


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