McLane family reunion – Jack McClane cast in ‘Die Hard 5’ + first look

Throughout the ‘Die Hard’ franchise we’ve been introduced to different members of the McClane family and in ‘Die Hard 5’ aka ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, we’re going to be introduced to Jack McClane, the son of John McClane.

The role of Jack McClane was rumoured to be one of the most sought after roles for young actors in Hollywood with Liam Hemsworth, Paul Walker and Milo Ventimiglia auditioning for the role.

In the end 20th Century Fox went with a relatively unknown Australian actor Jai Courtney, who appeared in the television series ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’.

Hit the jump for more info on the film and a look at Willis and Courtney together.

According to Collider and a press released from Fox, the character of Jack McClane is described as “someone who may be even more of a hardass than his father”. The plot finds father and son in Moscow spending some family time “keeping each other alive and the world safe for democracy”.

When it comes to protecting democracy two McClanes are better than one – there’s your poster quote, you’re welcome Hollywood.

Courtney’s casting caps of a fantastic run for the actor who has booked roles in ‘One Shot’ alongside Tom Cruise, and ‘I, Frankenstein’ with Aaron Eckhart that begins shooting in Australia next week. Australian actors make the best tough guys and Courtney will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of Hugh Jackman, Sam Worthington, Russell Crowe and Chris Hemsworth.

John Moore will direct ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ that will hopefully be a better effort than his last film ‘Max Payne’.

Being huge fans of the ‘Die Hard’ series (yes, even ‘Die Hard 4’) we can’t wait to see Bruce Willis in action as the character that made him a star. He has channeled McClane in almost every action film he has appeared in since the original ‘Die Hard’ and it’s what he does best. Rumours have already begun that there could be a passing of the torch from Willis to Courtney to carry a slew of new ‘Die Hard’ films but that sounds like a terrible idea.

There is definitely a likeness between the two as seen in the below image of Courtney testing for the role with Willis, released by Fox with the press release.

In further news, IMDB is reporting that Patrick Stewart is circling the role of the villain for the film but nothing has been confirmed yet.

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ does not have an Australian release date but is slated for a 14 February 2013 release in the US – Yippie Kai Happy Valentine’s Day.