Movie posters for people who hate modern movie posters

We love movie posters that don’t look like movie posters. Modern movie posters lack creativity and are usually just an actor’s head airbrushed into oblivion.

The great thing about movie posters that are a little arty or different, is that there’s a good chance your partner will let you hang it prominently in your living room rather than in the garage next to your rollerblades and karate outfit.

We’ve come across a series of very cool posters from ‘Star Wars’ and ‘The Avengers’.

Hit the jump to check them out.

Two lots of posters worthy of spousal approval, first up is a great series of ‘Star Wars’ posters in the style of a 1920s tourism ad campaign.

Secondly, a series of geek-tastic character posters from ‘The Avengers’.

‘The Avengers’ is released 25 April 2012.

Images via Collider, Comic Book Movie and Cheezburger

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