Show me the money! US box office report

Domestic US Box Office 4-5 February 2012 (Superbowl weekend)


# Movie title Studio Weeks in release 3 Day Weekend $ Total $
1 NEW Chronicle Fox NEW $22 million $22 million
2 NEW The Woman in Black CBS films   NEW $20.8 million $20.8 million
3 \/ The Grey Open Road Films 2 $9.3 million $34.6 million
4 NEW Big Miracle Universal NEW $7.8 million $7.8 million
5 \/ Underworld Awakening Screen Gems 3 $5.5




6 \/ One for the Money Lionsgate 2 $5.2




7 \/ Red Tails   Fox 3 $4.7 million $41.1 million
8 – The Descendants Fox Searchlight 12 $4.6


$65.5 million
9  \/ Man on a Ledge Summit 2 $4.4


$14.6 million
10 \/ Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close   Warner Brothers 7 $3.8 million $26.7 million




Found footage films are still doing big business at the box office and ‘Chronicle’ broke the horror found footage formula and delivered a superhero theme instead.  Did it work?  $22 million says yes, and it’s a great start for a film that cost around $15 million to make.  A good debut figure for director Josh Trank, who is rumoured to be benefiting already from the victory with an offer to direct a reboot of ‘The Fantastic Four’.  Expect similar success to follow for ‘Chronicle’ writer Max Landis and the young cast of unknown actors.  The film sets itself up for sequels and its ability to hold will determine whether a sequel will get the green-light from Fox.  The chances look good for ‘Chronicle 2’ because Fox has just become the second highest grossing studio with new releases is 2012 as a result.

‘The Woman in Black’ proved that Daniel Radcliffe may have a career after ‘Harry Potter’ with a healthy $20.8 million.  No doubt his star power had a big influence over ticket sales and the film was unlucky to just miss out on the top spot.

‘The Grey’ continues to impress and held the third spot respectively with $9.3 million and $34.6 million in total after two weeks.  It’s already surpassed its rumoured budget of $25 million and Open Road Films has a good standing with its single new release in 2012. Open Road currently outranks heavyweight studio Warner Brothers with overall box office for new releases in 2012 that is something to brag about until Warner Brothers unleash their big blockbusters.


‘Big Miracle’ bombed big time for Universal with only $7.8 million.  John Krasinski just can’t get a break opening a film as a lead actor and it’s doubtful he’ll get the chance again.  Drew Barrymore continued her shocking run opening films that don’t star Adam Sandler, and director Ken Kwapis must be praying to land an a gig directing an ensemble romantic comedy ASAP.  Despite ‘Big Miracle’ flopping, Universal are still the highest grossing studio of 2012 with new releases, but the gap is closing in on them fast.

New releases for the weekend 11-12 February 2012

– Journey 2: Mysterious Island

– Safe House

– Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 3D

– The Vow  

We predict: Safe House #1

Popcorn Junkie prediction rate in 2012: 2/4 (50%)

Total studio grosses for releases in 2012 as of 6 February

# Studio # films released Cume
1 Universal 2 $69.8 million
2 /\ Fox 2 $63.1 million
3 Screen Gems Sony/Columbia 1 $54.3 million
4 \/ Paramount 1 $53.1 million
5 \/ Disney/Buena Vista 1 $44.9 million
6 /\ Open Road Films 1 $34.6 million
7 \/ Warner Brothers 1 $28.9 million
8 NEW CBS Films 1 $20.8 million
9 Lionsgate 1 $19.6 million
10 \/ Relativity 1 $17.8 million
11 \/ Summit 1 $14.6 million