Review – The Darkest Hour

What happens when aliens attack Earth and only a group of douchebags survive?  ‘The Darkest Hour’ explores this notion, and becomes a rare piece of cinema in the process.  It’s one of the only alien invasion films where you actually cheers for the aliens.

Sean (Emile Hirsh) and Ben (Max Minghella) are two web developers visiting Moscow in Russia for business when mysterious objects start falling from the sky and incinerating the locals.


1. Chicken thigh fillets

2. Curry paste  

3. Apples

4. Bananas

5. Hair removal cream

Oh!  Sorry, I started writing my shopping list which is something I started doing in my head while watching ‘The Darkest Hour’.  The film projects stupidity and you will be instantly bored.  The problem lies with the moronic characters that are instantly unlikable the minute they open their mouths.  It’s hard to support the ‘heroes’ when you want to throttle them with a phonebook at the same time. Amongst all the death and destruction, one of the main characters motivations is to get her mobile phone to work.   Forget the end of the world, I want to update my status on Facebook – totes bummed bout nd of wrld!

The action is about as much fun as having an AK-47 pointed at your head and despite the fact the aliens do a good job of exterminating the douche element of the world’s population, they’re not threatening enough.  If your rechargeable battery charger grew legs and started walking around you’d get close to the aliens from ‘The Darkest Hour’.

The deserted streets of Moscow looked great in a few scenes but were ruined the appearance of the cast who all deliver terrible performances.

Director Chris Gorak gets seriously deluded towards the finale with attempts to set up sequels with Hirsh proclaiming wide-eyed, “THIS IS WHERE IT BEGINS!”  No franchise is happening, maybe a direct to community television version if you’re lucky.

‘The Darkest Hour’ is so bad that Russian and American relations may break down and reignite the Cold War.


‘The Darkest Hour’ is now showing.

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