Demon baby untrasound is ultra-creepy – new ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ poster

Yesterday thanks to Empire we got our hands on a few concept posters for ‘Drive’ and today the team at Collider have the poster Gods smiling on them today.

‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ is a great film that’s yet to be released in America. A new poster for the film has appeared that perfectly captures the vibe of the film.

Check it out after the jump.



















We love the simplicity of the poster. The team at Collider pointed out that it has a ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ feel to it, and is resonant of a lot of horror film posters from the 60s and 70s.

‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ is a terrific film and worth checking out when it’s released in the US on 27 January. Check out our review here.

Image via Collider and AICN please visit these great sites.